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Wilson DUO Soft 12 Golf Ball Pack

The world's softest golf ball just got a powerful engine upgrade, with a new core formulation is engineered to deliver faster ball speeds for enhanced distance and the same great feel.

  • Velocity Boosting
  • Low Compression Core & Mid-Hardness Cover
  • Low Driver Spin
  • Worlds Softest Golf Ball

The core of Wilson Staff DUO Soft is specially formulated for maximum energy return, so you can hit the ball further, with minimum effort.

DUO Soft delivers incredible overall performance with a premium soft feel that players with love. Wilson Staff engineered the DUO Soft with a carefully calibrated construction, so you’ll see why Wilson says, “nothing feels better than a DUO SOFT.”

The ball is optimized even further with advanced aerodynamics that reduced driver spin for longer and straighter shots that find the target more consistently.

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